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Practice I 03-20-12

I’ve always admired professions that were associated with, or required, practice. Lawyers practice law; doctors practice medicine. It somehow seems that these professions are so dynamic and complex that one can never truly master the field, but rather can only focus on a specific corner of the field with the hopes of becoming proficient over the course of their career. By default, being a practitioner carries with it the esteem of someone who is willing and able to accept a challenge and sacrifice the time to truly learn a craft or skill.

I find it interesting that in fitness, yoga is the only discipline to earn the right to be called a practice. Sure, all athletes need to practice, but they don’t refer to their sports as a practice. Does that mean that you can master a slam dunk or slap shot, but not a lotus pose or downward dog? I doubt it – but I would argue that it has more to do with the existence of specific rules and objectives that typically govern the movements and limits of organized sports.

As an Upstreamer, I seek fitness in the environment around me. Along my running routes, I’m constantly searching for natural obstacles to challenge my fitness level and push my confidence. The physical variety and asymmetry that exists in nature is boundless and can never be mastered. It keeps you perpetually exploring and aspiring to the next obstacle to test your abilities. There is always a jump that is too far, a branch too high to reach, or a climb too risky. It keeps me engaged and motivated to progress. For these reasons, I consider natural movement training a practice.

By acknowledging that something is a practice is to humbly accept that the skill(s) can never be truly mastered. Proficiency can only be gained and improved through discipline, hard work, and perseverance. The thrill lies in the realization that there is always something ahead that requires more time and practice to overcome. It’s an ever-evolving pursuit to improve.

This subtle change of perspective can radically alter one’s approach. A practice can’t be an activity that you just simply do from start to finish. It is a skill that you are constantly learning and building upon. I encourage you all to think of yourselves as fitness practitioners. Invest the time, push your limits, and reap the rewards for a lifetime!

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Welcome to Upstream Fitness

Welcome to Upstream Fitness!

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